About us


Mount Carmel College established and managed by the congregation of the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, was founded in 1944 in Thrissur, Kerala, and 1948 in Bengaluru to meet the escalating demand for women’s education in India. MCC is a Christian Catholic minority institution run primarily for Catholic Students. However its portals are open for those of all caste and creed. It draws its inspiration from the person and teaching of Jesus Christ, Universal master and Model of Education.

Currently, the student strength is over 9500 studying in the college, this is indeed a remarkable testimony of the vision and mission of the congregation.

Objective to start Mount Carmel Central School (MCCS)

Mount Carmel College, a premier women’s institution of the country has been catering to the educational needs of teenage women for over 70 years. Motivated to work with children in their formative and most influential stages of their lives, Mount Carmel management decided to take up the noble responsibility of moulding young minds through holistic, value based education. Mount Carmel Central School is an offshoot of Mount Carmel College.



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.- Proverbs 9:10


To mould our students into conscientious, humane citizens through holistic, value based education.

Mission statement

  • To promote a value based education.
  • To promote inter-cultural and inter-religious tolerance and harmony.
  • To develop leadership qualities among students.
  • To create an environment conducive for developing reasoning, logical and analytical skills.
  • To develop scientific temperament.
  • To synergize young minds towards eco – consciousness.
  • To integrate dignity of labor into curriculum.