School Structure

  1. Kindergarten : Pre-nursery, LKG and UKG

    Elementary School: Classes I to X

  2. The School is purely for Girls only

  3. Curriculum

  4. Academic Term
    • The academic term for Kindergarten is divided into 3 Terms:
      • June – August
      • September – December
      • January – March

    • For classes I to X the academic year is divided into 2 terms :
      • June – September
      • October – April

Languages :

  • First language – English
  • Second language – Kannada
  • Third language – Hindi

Assessments and promotions

The school will conduct assessments as scheduled in this calendar and attendance is compulsory for all of them.

  • Pre – nursery, LKG, UKG

    The student’s skills are assessed through observation and class work on timely basis as mentioned in this calendar.

  • Elementary school : Classes I to X

    The student’s skills are assessed through continuous and Periodic Assessment (PA). Day to day progress is the criterion for assessing the performance of the child. A process of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is followed and feedback is provided regularly to parents.

    The Continual Internal Assessment will be based on the performance of a child in the following criteria:

    Classroom observation, field trips, scrap book, nature study, monthly projects, skills oriented work, assignments etc…