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Code of Conduct

  1. School Attendance Policy

    • All students are required to attend school regularly. They must have a minimum attendance of 75% overall for the academic year.
    • Prior permission for leave of absence from school must be applied in writing by the parents for valid reason only. General terms of excuse “For some business” “For some ceremony” etc will not be entertained. Attendance on the opening day, school functions, special events and closing day of every term/long vacations is compulsory.
    • Absence will only be excused in the case of an illness. These absences will have to be supported by a note from a doctor. If the absence exceeds three successive days, prior notice must be forwarded to the principal and permission obtained.
    • Continued absence without leave for a week, shall be considered equivalent to withdrawal of a pupil from the school and her name shall be struck off the register.
    • A pupil, absent without leave during any one class hour of either session of the day, shall be regarded as absent for the entire session.
    • A pupil who has been suffering from an infectious disease must produce a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner, so that he/she may attend school without risk of spreading infection. The principal reserves the right, however of extending the time of readmitting the pupil to classes after obtaining medical advice.
  2. Discipline for the Student

    • The school day begins with an assembly at 8:45am/8:30am( Kindergarten and Primary respectively). The students must be on time for the assembly. Habitual late comers will not be allowed to attend classes until permitted by the Principal / Co-ordinator.

    • During the school day, if a student needs to leave the school campus, she must obtain permission from the Principal and Class Teacher. No student will be allowed to leave school premises unless accompanied by parent / guardian.
    • Students are not allowed to receive visitors. They are not allowed to receive or make calls unless the school deems it necessary.
    • Mobile phones or any gadgets are strictly prohibited in the school for students. If any student is found carrying them it will be confiscated and will not be returned back.
    • Buying items from outside from outside campus or sending the school security guard to make a purchase is not permitted.
    • Any sort of playing cards, sports collection cards etc., are not permitted and will be confiscated.
    • Students will not deface any of the classroom furniture or school property. Breakage, carving, graffiti, misuse of any of the school property will be deemed as an offence.
    • In order to preserve simplicity and uniformity among our students, wearing of any sort of make-up, kajal, mehendi, bindi, jewellery or accessories, bands, fancy watches, nail polishes, etc. Wearing of Gold jewellery is strictly prohibited.
    • Dyeing hair in any colour other than natural colour is not permitted.
    • All hair accessories must be black.
    • Earrings are permitted for girls only preferably studs. ( Long dangling earrings are not allowed)
    • Tattoos are prohibited. (Temporary and permanent)
    • Students may not offer presents to their teachers except in those circumstances sanctioned by the principal.
    • Students are prohibited from bringing slam books, novels, picture magazines, toys, comics, cosmetics, change of clothes or shoes without specific permission from the class teacher.
    • Pupils are solely responsible for their personal belongings, items brought to the school should have their name and class on it. Any property found on the premises will be handed over to the reception counter. The school will not undertake any responsibility in case of damage or loss.
    • Usage of any other language other than English in school is not allowed. Profanity and use of obscene and rude language/gestures will not be tolerated.
    • Students must be courteous to all school workers and staff.
    • Students’ hygiene in terms of cleanliness in terms of physical appearance need to be attended on daily basis.
    • Uniform must be clean and ironed.
    • Hair for girls need to be neatly combed in two plaits with ribbon and tied up off the face in case of hair that is shoulder length or longer.
    • Nails must be short.
    • Chewing bubble gum is not permitted in the school premises.
    • Eating Chocolates, Junk, and Lunch during class hours is not allowed.
    • Junk food like chips, pizza, burger, noodles are not allowed.
    • This Handbook/Calendar should be brought to school every day.
    • Books must be brought according to the daily time table.
    • Wearing of any items of religious symbolism is not allowed, unless a written permission is taken from the principal.

    Misconduct outside school:

    Misconduct of a serious nature that has a direct relationship to the school may result in disciplinary action, even when the specific conduct does not take place on school property or at a school – related event. Students should also bear in mind that getting caught in any demeaning act in their school uniform outside the school premises may also be considered as an offence towards the school and necessary action will follow.

  3. Parents and Guardians

    • Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing discipline and regularity at home.
    • Parents are to look into the School Handbook every evening and see to it that Home assignment for the next day is done punctually.
    • Remarks made in the diary should be seen and signed by the parent.
    • Parents and guardians should make it a point to meet the teachers without fail during the Open day and also the parent - teachers’ meeting that will be organized by the school.
    • Parents and guardians or other persons are not allowed to visit the student or their teachers during school hours without the Principal/Co-ordinators permission.
    • Any form of criticism of a teacher or of the school in front of students should be strictly avoided. If you have a genuine complaint or problem, please contact the principal or the Co-Ordinator.
    • The management will not be responsible for your child once he/she is picked up by the ward from the assigned area in the school campus.
    • It is mandatory for parents to attend the Orientation Day, Parent teacher meetings. Prior permission from the Principal/Co-ordinator if unable to attend.
    • The escort card for picking up the children has to be brought by the parents/Pick – up assistants and presented at the gate every day. Failing which the parents need to meet the Principal/Co-ordinator before picking up the child.
    • All correspondence with the school should be addressed to The Principal, MOUNT CARMEL CENTRAL SCHOOL. It should include full name of the child, along with the class and section.

    Parents are requested not to cover your faces while inside the school campus with helmet, scarf, mask etc. The school need to identify you while picking up or dropping off your child. This is for the safety of the students.

  4. Evaluation and tests :

    • Examinations are held twice during the academic year.
    • Serious misconduct and malpractice in an examination disqualifies the student for the whole examination.
    • Marks and grades for Std I to VI are the official entries in the progress report card.
    • Promotion to the higher class will be determined on the basis of the basis of the performance throughout the year with due weightage for the different tests/examination.
    • Results once declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.
    • Students who fail twice in the school or are over age by 2 or more years will be asked to withdraw the seat.
    • The progress card should be checked and signed by the parent.
  5. Homework Policy :

    • "NO HOMEWORK POLICY" has been followed in our school for class I and II. Students learn the concepts of the subject through various activities inside and outside the classroom. Learning is ensured to take place within the classroom with the help of worksheets, flashcards, quiz and group study.